Say hello to Deno

**Deno** is a Javascript runtime. Some devs will say that it is an alternative for **NodeJS** but it is not an alternative it is unique. **Ryan Dahl** the creator of **Nodejs** created this **Deno**. ##### NODE -> NO DE -> DE NO -> DENO ### Why Deno * It is secure (It wont give direct access for files, environment and Network etc. User needs to give permissions to use) * Supports Typescript * Gives single executable file * It had built-in utils like code formatter and inspector * Uses V8 runtime * Built in rust * No need **npm** * *package.json* not required * dependency manager not at all required * Gives **Zero** dependency build


Linux/Unix/OS X :

curl -fsSL | sh

Windows Powershell :

iwr -useb | iex

Other ways :

#Using Brew(MAC OS)
brew install deno
#Using Chocolatey (Windows)
choco install deno

Running First Deno program

deno run

Hello World with colored text on console

create a file name it helloworld.js

import clc from ""
console.log("Hello World"))
console.log("Hello World"))

Run the following commands to run your first Deno program

deno run helloworld.js