Disadvantages of Css-in-Js ?

I am a big fan of `CSS-in-JS` especially `styled-components` but in this article i want to discuss about disadvantages of using CSS-in-JS.
  • Difficulty to learn for the devs who are new to react syntax.
  • The class names themselves are dynamically generated, too, essentially breaking caching as things can change between builds/renders.
  • Css-in-js parses all the style definitions into plain vanilla CSS and put everything inside style tag in index.html file. This will increase html file size.
  • Adds lots of unnecessary code while parsing to vanilla css.
  • Browser will not start interpreting the styles until styled-components has parsed them and added them to the DOM, which slows down rendering.
  • Most of the UI libraries and frameworks won’t support this approach.
  • We can’t use other css utilities like SCSS, LESS and PostCSS.

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